If you need functionality on your web site, software development, applications , marketing or branding services (Telos®) or wish to Internet enable some of your backend business process’s Clarity® can take you from concept to implementation as well as provide the infrastructure and support services if required. Need a web site or want to make your existing site more interactive with services for customer support, contact management, survey, rating or profiling services or even just manage your databases better by having them web enabled?

Our applications include event management and booking systems, room and equipment booking systems, mailing list managment and subscription services. on-line survery and analysis services, sales and marketing solutions as well as teaching and learning systems. We also supply and support the popular opensource software such as the popular Web Log (blog) software WordPress or Joomla CMS.

Have you always wanted IT professionals working for you but could not justify the expense? Our consultancy and application development services are available and we can either teach you what you need to know, or simply take over the management of anything web-based, your choice. Our software application and web hosting solutions use dedicated servers optimized for high speeds and loads. Affordable because you don’t have to purchase the server or run it yourself, this is an attractive option without a specified contract period for a business wanting a professionaly managed IT facility without wanting to build and manage the infrastructure themselves.

Are you looking for?

  • Clean fast loading web sites.
  • Functionality – mailing lists, blogs, discussion forums, directories, events management, survey and customer relations management.
  • Search engine optimisation, product placement and innovative marketing strategies.
  • Graphics design and production by leading Perth production company Telos® Brand.
  • Web and application development/hosting using Australian located servers.
  • Qualified ICT supplier for Western Australian government.
  • Survey or data collection?
We create custom software applications, build and maintain web sites and more importantly know how to promote your business or activity! Creative software solutions and development of Intellectual Property, business process’s, strategies for your products and services.

Telos® is our collection of survey and data analytic tools used for identifying, measuring and analysing trends and latent variables. For example in the field of human cognition and judgement relating to consumer choice Telos can be used to collect and analyse data to examine preferences and historical outcomes to inform judgement and prediction of future events.

It can use either Bayesian or multilevel multifactorial linear models to examine both quantitative and qualitative forms of data. Telso features guide the user towards making simple, effective decisions based on advanced statistical models.

Please contact us if you require any further information about our services.