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keyword_headerAs an experienced web design company we know that image is everything in the competitive world of business.

Your logo, your website, and the way you present your services are your calling card to the world. Let them reflect the kind of quality business you provide.

Clarity uses the latest web design technology coupled with rich and artistic design elements. Whether you are looking to update or create a new image for your business, the designers at Clarity and our partners can help your business shine.

Clarity® is a qualified 140008 supplier to the West Australian Government (an integrated ICT procurement and governance framework that is mandatory for all Western Australian government buyers).

Many of our applications run on Intranets or are functional components of clients business activities and cannot be demonstrated here. We will be pleased to provide reference sites or projects on request.

Telos® is our collection of survey and data analytic tools used for identifying, measuring and analysing trends and latent variables. For example in the field of human cognition and judgement relating to consumer choice Telos can be used to collect and analyse data to examine preferences and historical outcomes to inform judgement and prediction of future events.

It can use either Bayesian or multilevel multifactorial linear models to examine both quantitative and qualitative forms of data. Telso features guide the user towards making simple, effective decisions based on advanced statistical models.


Just a few listed, others available on request.

  • Project to view the worlds venues live on-line Ven-Vu
  • Australian Fertility Specialists Directory Fertility Specialists of Australia
  • Building Services AXSM Management
  • Schools Loreto Nedlands
  • Australian Specialty Stone Group – specialist landscaping rocks and semi precious stones, Desert Sunset
  • Listed Companies Dynasty Mining
  • Health Services: YouthLink

Designer Tips

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