How many business’s do we see with domain names registered but using their ISP’s email address on all of their advertising and stationary? Plenty!

Really you should have your domain hosted to present your business to the world with it’s own identity. Starting at $A300 per year for AUSTRALIAN LOCATED SERVERS we can host your domain name, market your business to potential customers and integrate any Clarity solutions into your site.

You are not just getting a web site hosted as you would with either the big telco’s plans or the offshore cheapee’s but your are getting professional support and service dedicated to helping you achieve success in your business. What we know you need to know so consider this when selecting a hosting service.

We also can brand and market your business and full web traffic statistics and search engine optimisation are included with the hosting. We also support functional areas and business analyst services.

Please contact us if you require any further information about our services or what we might do to Internet enable your business!