Clarity Marketing Solutions.

Clarity Marketing Solutions.

Ok you have a web site but what now? You think a bit of SEO and your done well think again. You need to work your site like you work your business and that means not the half baked SEO that’s around. For example if you were a Clarity client we do real marketing and below is just a sample of what we could be doing for you (let’s not talk about business development, customer retention and process management). By the way if you are using traditional SEO like keyword stuffing and multiple backlinks you are wasting your money. Google is getting very good at sorting out the fakes.

Here is just *some* of what we can do for you each and every month of the year:

Real Marketing

1. Write press releases and submit to reputable sites related to your product or service.
2. Write articles, how to’s, FAQ’s and other content that adds VALUE to your site. We can source or supply experts.
3. Submit well written, thoughtful contributions to forums, blogs and industry sites RELATED to your business activities.
4. Use leading edge SEO such as keyword diversity in content and link creation.
5. Create and manage (if required) Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN and company blog – i.e why not outsource your social media – it’s not your core business is it?
6. Write content and manage reputation for all your media presence above.
7. Monitor your industry and roll up reports – we will provide an intelligent funnel of what is happening in your space.
8. Create and manage mailing lists – still a great way to connect to your customers.

On Page Optimisation.

1. Usual SEO optimisation of meta tags, page headings, titles, content and relevency.
2. Site navigation, usability, relevence and customer/visitor profiling.
3. We will find out things about you customers I bet you don’t know.

Marketing Analysis

1. Competitor and keyword analysis.
2. Compliance with usability and accessableity standards (government mandated in Australia in 2013).
3. Full Google Analytics with interpretation and reports for management.