Clarity is pleased to announce it now supports the REDCap platform. This is a flexible architecture used in the academic research community and Clarity can support custom project...

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Programmers Overview

Does the prospect of having to learn multiple programming languages haunt you? Are you confused which language(s) you should learn? Should you just learn one language? What about...

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CMS, Packaged Software or Framework?

A development framework, a content management system (CMS) or a packaged solution? They do not meet the same needs or require the same investment and/or expertise so how do you...

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Information Architecture Primer

At its simplest Information architecture (IA) is the labelling and categorisation of information. In the context of a website this is manifest through the sites structure, content...

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Quotes for the ages

Innovation / Change “If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me ‘A faster horse'” – Henry Ford “Behold the...

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Entrepreneurs Start Here

You’ve got an idea or plan for an on-line or technology driven project but you don’t know what to do next? You need advice from experts with a broad range of technology and...

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Stay Focussed

To employ all of the technology and creative talent your business needs would cost resources you could be putting into core value areas. Creating strong corporate identities using the latest technology and getting the Internet to work for you is our core business. That is why Clarity makes so much sense.

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Clarity Search

Discover how customers are finding your products and services and develop the best on-line strategy for your business. Hits are a ‘vanity metric’ and meaningless if they can’t tell you anything about your customer.

Don’t pay ridiculous prices for search engine optimisation when it should be part of good web design and is not part of an audit-able customer development process.

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Clarity Audit

If you are not thinking about how to grow your business in the next year then it’s probably already too late!

  • Is your business model profitable and scale-able?
  • Can you find, keep and grow customers
  • Is your product or service a good market fit?
  • Can you prove it?

We can show you the metrics that matter!

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