Adding Sonata Admin Bundle to Symfony 2.4

1. Navigate to folder of your project so you are at the same level as ‘composer.json’ and then runphp composer.phar require sonata-project/admin-bundle the appropiate...

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A Symfony2 Primer

Introduction The purpose of this tutorial is to give a reasonably experienced PHP developer a quick tour of the PHP Framework Symphony2. There is plenty of information available...

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Clarity Training Perth

Clarity can provide technology training – at home, at work, individual or small group. We can train you in almost any area of technology, at home or in your office with...

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Stay Focussed

To employ all of the technology and creative talent your business needs would cost resources you could be putting into core value areas. Creating strong corporate identities using the latest technology and getting the Internet to work for you is our core business. That is why Clarity makes so much sense.

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Clarity Search

Discover how customers are finding your products and services and develop the best on-line strategy for your business. Hits are a ‘vanity metric’ and meaningless if they can’t tell you anything about your customer.

Don’t pay ridiculous prices for search engine optimisation when it should be part of good web design and is not part of an audit-able customer development process.

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Clarity Audit

If you are not thinking about how to grow your business in the next year then it’s probably already too late!

  • Is your business model profitable and scale-able?
  • Can you find, keep and grow customers
  • Is your product or service a good market fit?
  • Can you prove it?

We can show you the metrics that matter!

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